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Many people wait for the spring weather to start their landscaping, which sets the perfect temperatures for sprucing up your lawn. Whether you are in need of commercial or residential landscaping, lawn maintenance is easier than ever with the help of our reliable landscaping professionals. Now is the time of year that is crucial to start your lawn maintenance to make sure it looks its best for the upcoming spring and summer months. 

Proper landscaping requires specific work to be done every season. There may be more work in the summer with grass cutting and fertilizing, but that does not mean that is when landscaping should start. Every season your lawn should be maintained. As we are in between the winter and spring seasons, it may be tempting to start spring lawn care early thinking you can get a jump on your lawn care. However, right now the most that should be done is sprucing up your lawn with branch removal from the winter. Spring landscaping shouldn’t start until it is warm enough to go outside without needing a jacket. Everything from fertilization to using lawn tools should be avoided as they may prevent the growth of new grass.

Tending to your yard is also crucial, especially if you enjoy entertaining during the spring and summer months. Backyard design here at Giglio Landscaping will help you to create the outdoor oasis that you desire. Lush green grass and beautiful flower beds can help to bring out many features such as pools, sculptures, patios and more. Advanced designs are available for both small and large spaces, so you can enjoy every square inch of your yard.

So contact us today to prepare your lawn for the upcoming spring season. With the removal of branches and winter debris, to fertilizing your lawn when warmer weather approaches, we can help bring to life your new landscape design this year.