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There are a variety of different landscape designs and ideas that bring your lawn to a whole new level. From attention to outdoor gardens with creative plantings to creating stone pathways, the landscaping ideas this year are exciting and our reliable masonry contractors at Giglio Landscaping will help you to achieve your landscaping goals. 

Gravel and Stones

One trend that we’ve seen taking hold this year is laying down stone and gravel for ground coverage and reducing the need for constant lawn maintenance. In certain areas of your lawn, this can look great! Make pathways with gravel, and coat front or back yard gardens with bright, beautiful stones. With our top-notch CT landscape experts, you can add gravel and stone to create texture and add a unique look to your property. 

Paving and Hardscape

There are so many designs that our contractors can create with paving and hardscaping services. Paved surfaces are seeing something of a renaissance in yards to create paths and patios that help to lessen the need for high maintenance grass and flowerbeds. From walkways that to sitting areas with outdoor fireplaces to straight, lined paths creating romantic scenery as seen in the English Countryside – the landscape designs that we are seeing this year with masonry work are anything but boring!

Garden Enhancement

We are seeing even more attention to outdoor gardens this year with abstract plantings to accompany landscape designs. Beautifully trimmed topiaries can add instant luxury and interest to your garden (think Versailles designs). Private courtyards surrounded by hedges and flowers create a secluded feeling for a truly luxurious landscape design. Finally, climbing vines are a great touch to add to walls and fences to create a low-maintenance elegance. For more tips and great designs to incorporate this year into your property, contact us today!